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Northfield Dental PracticeNorthfield Dental Practice
3.3 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Bert FirmBert Firm

I went in yesterday in a lot of pain with what turned out to be an infected tooth. Because the tooth was in such a bad state it split in two and it became a difficult extraction but the dentist was very patient with me, giving me further pain relief and time for it to take hold. Also the technician gave me the encouragement I needed to finally get through the extraction. The dentist gave me all the information I needed before and after the operation. I had previously seen a dentist who I was not happy with. This last visit has given me my confidence back again. When I came out the receptionist kindly phoned my wife for me so she could come and pick me up. I'm very grateful.



I've always been put off about going dentist due to family complaints from their visits to dental practices... and I've never had an issue with my teeth/mouth before..so I was happy to avoid it as I brush and floss everyday. Until a couple of days ago... I woke up to find I had severe pain coming from the right side of my mouth. I searched and came across Northfield Dental Practice. I forced myself to go the same day and the receptionist politely told me to call the next morning for an emergency appointment. So I did exactly that. Sadly it was Sunday, so when the phone was finally answered, I was told I could not have an appointment and to call again the next day. This did annoy me as I struggled to sleep due to this pain. I couldn't do anything that required my face haha.. struggled to eat, drink, talk, sneeze. I couldn't open my mouth enough to try and put a spoon in there. It was horrible. My mouth would become swollen and it felt like I was chewing on a cotton ball. However, I can understand the dental practice being busy, it happens. The next day I tried again and instantly got an appointment the same day. Polite receptionists greeted me and signed me in. After waiting maybe around 10 minutes, the dentist called me. Lovely lady, she noticed me being very nervous, but her smile made me feel a little better. She got straight to the point, asked questions etc. When she examined me, it did hurt however that was because of my mouth, the lady wasn't rough at all. She told me what the problem was and straight away helped to sort it. Luckily nothing bad! It did get awkward when there was nothing but silence for a couple minutes, I'm used to having friendly chit-chat, but I guess there really is no need for it haha. Anyway, although I left still in pain, I was given a prescription and advice on how to handle it. Right now, I'm very happy as I see huge improvement. My mouth no longer swells and the pain has almost gone! I would be happy to recommend this practise to others.
(My advice to the staff - you probably shouldn't gossip about previous patients and bad reviews at the front desk. I was a witness)

gareth lewisgareth lewis

Extremely rude receptionist.. talked to me like I was something on the bottom of her foot

Jane. WilsonJane. Wilson

I had an unpleasant experience with a Dentist.... Mo is very gentle and patient super trendy he always looks fabulous and has the most beautiful chair side manner and a lovely smile! He has restored my faith in Dentistry.... I've been terrified since I was little so a nice understanding dentist is essential! He's fantastic and nothing at all like a dentist he tells you what is going on while he's doing it so high five from me !!
Ps the receptionist especially Jane super too !

Alfonso MaddaloAlfonso Maddalo

Lovely experience. They always fit me in when I need to see my dentist and it wonderful that they are open 7 days a week as it's convenient in an emergency. The people and services are lovely and I would highly recommend the practice 😆 I have had a lodged wisdom tooth for years and always having infection and I asked my old dentist to take it out and they refused even though they kept on prescribing me antibiotics every time I went in. That's why I changed to this dentist. As soon as they investigated they referred me to the hospital and I am now getting my tooth out.

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